About Us

Since the last 35 years,Tulasi Group of industries has expanded into various fields, by setting up businesses with social responsibility as a primary goal. Today, as a group, we have created employment for over 1500 people throughout the nation, mostly in rural areas.

With a goal of developing responsible citizens to the society, we have established "Krishnadevaraya Aid" trust through which we provide few crores worth of scholarships to poor and meritorious students every year.

Tulasi has also achieved the status of being a household name among the farming (mostly cotton) community, by providing high quality and reliable seeds for cultivation through Tulasi Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

Now, with the sense of an even higher social responsibility, we are starting Tulasi News to present 24 x 7 Telugu news to each household, in a unbiased and informative fashion. This channel stands FOR the TRUTH, FOR the PEOPLE, and FOR the COUNTRY. We appreciate your support in helping Tulasi News to guide our society in the right direction for a better future of our country.